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December 4, 2003


Smart Loops™ First to Offer Revolutionary Live Studio Drums™ (LSD) Service

—Premier Loop Developer Expands Offering with Custom Drum Tracks and Asks: “Do you do LSD?”—

Waltham, Mass., December 4, 2003 – Smart Loops, a premier developer of music content and creation tools, announced the debut of Live Studio Drums, a service that provides professional custom drum tracks at an affordable price. Smart Loops are used by leading GRAMMY®-recognized producers and studio musicians that work with today’s hottest artists and are responsible for some of the biggest hits of all time.

Widely regarded as a premium developer of loop-based CD-ROM products, Smart Loops is the first to offer this revolutionary new service. Live Studio Drums (LSD) takes the industry beyond loops by providing unique content created specifically for each customer at a breakthrough rate. All LSD tracks are recorded specifically for each client’s song, providing the real "feel" and "groove" needed to produce truly natural-sounding music. LSD projects are delivered to customers with multi-track files (kick track, snare track, toms tracks, overheads tracks, etc.), allowing clients to mix the song any way they choose.

Smart Loops is offering an introductory special of Live Studio Drums at only $49 per song. This limited time offer is all-inclusive, providing a professional drummer and studio time with no additional expenses. When compared to the cost of a professional drum session in a commercial studio, LSD offers considerable savings. Typical commercial studio rates range from $50 per hour to $175 per hour, and professional drummers are paid anywhere from $200 and up (way up) to learn and perform new material. By using Live Studio Drums for only $49 per song, clients save hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars on each song. “Do you do LSD? … maybe you should try.”

Multi Platinum Producer/Engineer Reggie Dozier has worked some of the biggest names in the business. With Grammy winning stars like Phil Collins and B.B. King to his credit, Reggie commented, “Nothing brings a song to life like a live drummer. MIDI programming and samples just can’t provide the feel and nuances of a talented player.” Reggie, whose resume also includes icons such as Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, and Aretha Franklin, offers this valuable advice for upcoming songwriters and producers; “Want to make your demos sound like records? Use a live drummer on each song and get each instrument on an individual track for optimal mixing conditions. If you don’t have a major label budget, I recommend using Smart Loops Live Studio Drums for the feel and sonic quality needed to produce truly natural-sounding music.”

Live Studio Drums helps songwriters bring their songs to a professional level with real acoustic drum tracks, custom recorded by a live drummer. No loops, no MIDI, no samples, no v-drums, and no electric drums are used. All LSD sessions are custom recorded by a real drummer and provide the “feel” that only comes from human performance. Virtually any PC or Mac workstation, such as Cakewalk™, Pro Tools™, Digital Performer™, Cubase™, and Logic Audio™ can use LSD. After loading the Live Studio Drums session into their system, clients have complete control of their LSD tracks. They can slice them up to change the arrangement of their song as needed, or even extract drum parts for use in other songs.

“Ever wondered how your favorite bands produce such great drum tracks? Tired of the stiff MIDI drum tracks that you hear on most demos?” asks Smart Loops President and Founder Frank Basile. “Great drum tracks come from real drummers recorded in professional studios. Now songwriters and producers everywhere can have the same high quality drum tracks for their songs at a fraction of the cost with the new Smart Loops service, Live Studio Drums.”

Smart Loops has created a proprietary online system to assist customers in producing their Live Studio Drums sessions. LSD clients fill out an Internet-based set-up sheet to indicate musical genre and technical info for the project. Next, customers can get directly involved in producing their session by specifying desired drum sounds, selecting drum sticks or brushes to be used, establishing performance guidelines for the drummer, and even choosing the audio processing for their tracks. The same online system also processes the customer’s order, handles payment, and uploads reference tracks with which the drummer plays.

In addition, the company owns a professional studio that has been setup specifically for recording drums - and that's all they do 99% of the time. Drumkits are set-up and ready to record 24-hours a day, with the drumming talent on staff at all times. In short, the company’s exclusive processing system, its wholly-owned studio, and their professional staff help deliver the best possible product to the customer while significantly reducing the cost of doing business. The savings are passed on to the client, allowing Smart Loops to provide this service at a much lower cost than a typical drummer and recording studio.

More information, along with a selection of LSD demo songs, is available by visiting the Live Studio Drums Web site at

Smart Loops also offers a variety of loop-based retail CD products, including the highly acclaimed Dry Studio Kit™, Percussion Kit™, Electric Guitars™, Bass Guitars™, and Phat to Phreaky™, as well as the best-selling Rockit Fuel™ and Drumatic™ titles co-branded with Cakewalk. The company’s distinguished titles feature exclusive performances by world-class musicians, providing human feel and musical nuances that are rarely found in other loop products. Smart Loops also supports the popular Phrazer™ and Unity™ software instruments with separate “Phrazerized” versions of many of the products as well.

About Smart Loops

Smart Loops is a leading provider of pro audio loops and web-based recording services. All Smart Loops audio files are performed and recorded by professional studio musicians and producers. The Smart Loops libraries allow users to create professional music tracks with the realistic feel and dynamics of a natural performance. Smart Loops products are licensed worldwide, and the company’s audio and MIDI content is an integral part of the best selling music software products on the market. The company’s meticulously produced drum, percussion, guitar, and bass loops are endorsed by Grammy-winning musicians and producers worldwide.