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July 1, 2003


Smart Loops Offers Free Loops from Highly-Acclaimed Library

—Premier ACID™-Format Loop Developer Opens Vault of Professional Loops to the Public—

Waltham, Mass., July 1, 2003 – Smart Loops, a premier developer of ACID-format loop-based music content and creation tools, announced the availability of their first collection of free loops. Widely regarded as the premium loop products on the market, Smart Loops titles are used by leading GRAMMY®-recognized producers and studio musicians that work with today’s hottest artists and are responsible for some of the biggest hits of all time.

Smart Loops has opened their treasure chest of professional loops to the public, offering the first round of high quality loops for free, with more to be added in the future. A wide variety of drum, percussion, electric guitar, and bass guitar loops may be downloaded by visiting The loops have been selected from the highly acclaimed Smart Loops retail titles Dry Studio Kit™, Percussion Kit™, Electric Guitars™, and Bass Guitars™.

As with all Smart Loops titles, the free loops contain ACID-compatible loops optimized for use in programs that allow users to change the tempo and pitch of their audio, including Cakewalk’s SONAR™, Home Studio 2002™, Project5™, Plasma™, Music Creator™, and Guitar Tracks Pro™ products, as well as all Sonic Foundry ACID™ Programs. Since the files are provided in WAV format, virtually any PC or Mac music recording or playback software, such as Pro Tools™, Cubase™, Logic Audio™, Phrazer™, Unity™, Digital Performer™, Live™, and n-Track™ can also use the loops.

Free loops are offered in nearly every style, including Rock, Pop, Latin, Country, Funk, Blues, and Hard Rock with grooves in both straight and swing feels. Most of the loops are offered in dry, unprocessed form, so users can add effects and customize the grooves to their individual sound. Smart Loops will add more free loops in the future, including selections from their upcoming, unreleased titles.

Smart Loops President and Founder Frank Basile commented, “While there are a number of free loops available on the Internet, few are of professional quality. We’re proud to offer a selection of free, high quality loops on our site.” Frank added, “We invite musicians of all levels to use our loops to inspire new songs or breathe life into their existing material.”

Smart Loops offers a variety of retail products, including the highly acclaimed Dry Studio Kit, Percussion Kit, Electric Guitars, and Bass Guitars, as well as the best-selling Rockit Fuel™ and Drumatic™ titles co-branded with Cakewalk. The company’s distinguished titles feature exclusive live performances by world-class musicians, providing human feel and musical nuances that are rarely found in other loop products. In addition to the company’s ACID-format titles, Smart Loops also supports the popular PhrazerTM and Unity™ software instruments with separate “Phrazerized” versions of the products as well.

About Smart Loops

Smart Loops is a leading provider of pro audio loops and web-based recording services. All Smart Loops audio files are performed and recorded by professional studio musicians and producers. The Smart Loops libraries allow users to create professional music tracks with the realistic feel and dynamics of a natural performance. Smart Loops products are licensed worldwide, and the company’s audio and MIDI content is an integral part of the best selling music software products on the market. The company’s meticulously produced drum, percussion, guitar, and bass loops are endorsed by Grammy-winning musicians and producers worldwide.