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April 12, 2006


Smart Loops™ Releases SL Groovy Kit™ Sample Set for Mac and PC Software Samplers

—The Perfect Drum Kit for Jazz, Latin, Acid-Jazz, Other Musical Styles; Includes Stick and Brush Samples—

WALTHAM, MA -- Smart Loops, a leading provider of pro audio loops and web-based recording services, has released SL Groovy Kit, one of the company’s new SL Sample Sets for Mac and PC software samplers.

Launched this year, SL Sample Sets provide musicians and producers with the pro-quality drum sounds they need for their computer-based productions. These live drum samples are available as downloads from the Smart Loops web site, for use with Steinberg HALion, Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Rapture, Project5, SONAR, Reason NN-XT, Native Instruments KONTAKT & Battery, and many other DXi/VST software samplers. SL Sample Sets also work with any SoundFont 2.0 compatible sound cards, including the Creative Labs SB Live and SB Audigy cards.

In addition to SL Groovy Kit, Smart Loops has released four other SL Sample Sets so far this year: SL Acoustic Kit, SL Trap Kit, SL Thunder Kit, and SL Tight Kit. Smart Loops plans to release more SL Sample Sets throughout the year.

SL Groovy Kit samples are produced using a smaller drum kit that is recorded and tuned specifically for jazz, Latin, and acid-jazz; these pro drum samples are also an ideal way to add a refined drum sound to rock, pop or any other style of music. The new drum kit includes samples performed live with brushes as well as drumsticks, providing a wide range of sophisticated drum sounds for the Mac and PC software samplers.


Pricing and Availability

SL Groovy Kit and other SL Sample Sets are now available as downloads from Smart Loops for a special price of $39 each, or $29 each when purchasing two or more together. For more information and to audition mp3 demos of all SL Sample Sets, visit

Mac and PC musicians can download free sample sets for DXi and VSTi samplers, and over 100 free audio loops in ACID, REX2, and Apple Loops formats from Smart Loops at

About Smart Loops

Smart Loops is a leading provider of pro audio loops and web-based recording services. All Smart Loops audio files are performed and recorded by professional studio musicians and producers. The Smart Loops libraries allow users to create professional music tracks with the realistic feel and dynamics of a natural performance. Smart Loops products are licensed worldwide, and the company’s audio and MIDI content is an integral part of the best selling music software products on the market. The company’s meticulously produced drum, percussion, guitar, and bass loops are endorsed by Grammy-winning musicians and producers worldwide.

In 2003, Smart Loops launched Live Studio Drums, a web-based multitrack drum recording service. Musicians and producers can have a live session drummer record tracks for their songs, without ever leaving their computer. Live Studio Drums is the fastest, most affordable way to get live multitrack drums recorded for any song or music project.

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