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January 9, 2006


Smart Loops™ Now Shipping Pro Drum Works™ Volume Two (ACID Format, DVD-ROM)

—The Largest Collection of Shuffle-Feel Grooves Available Today — Over 3,000 Unique Grooves and One-shots, Each Played on Three Separate Drum Kits —
Over 9,000 Total Loops and Samples on DVD-ROM—

WALTHAM, MA– Smart Loops, a leading provider of professional audio loops and web-based recording services, is now shipping Pro Drum WorksVolume Two (US $199 MSRP), a comprehensive DVD-ROM library of ACID-format drum loops for use with ACID, SONAR, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, and other compatible music and audio software products.

With over 3,000 unique grooves and samples, Pro Drum Works Volume Two is the largest collection of shuffle-feel drum loops ever produced, and is designed to work seamlessly with Pro Drum Works Volume One straight-feel loops. Like the popular Volume One library, every drum groove is performed and recorded live on three separate drum kits—Acoustic, Thunder and Trap— for a total of over 9,000 loops and samples.

Volume Two loops are designed to work interchangeably with Volume One loops, allowing musicians and producers to mix and match straight-feel and shuffle-feel grooves to create millions of realistic, professional-quality drum tracks.

The Shuffle Feel

Shuffle-feel grooves are widely used in Rock, Country, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and other music, providing that essential swing feel that defines so many well-known songs in these genres. The Shuffle rhythm is based on the cymbal pattern playing continuous dotted eighth and sixteenth notes, which gives the beat a sense of forward movement.


• Extensive drum loop library of the world’s most popular rock and pop grooves, with hundreds of variations
• Over 3,000 unique grooves and fills, performed on three different drum kits, for a total of over 9,000 loops
• Includes 3 complete Drum Kits: Acoustic Kit, Thunder Kit, and Trap Kit
• Use with ACID, SONAR, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Ableton Live and other
compatible music software
• Quickly create drum tracks for studio sessions, radio and TV spots, CDs, or any other recording project
• Use grooves as is, or mix and match to create an unlimited number of possible drum tracks
• Includes loops for pickups, intros, fills, verses, choruses, bridge sections, and endings
• Includes individual “one shot” samples at multiple velocities for each drum and cymbal
• All crash cymbals separate from grooves and fills so you can add them only where you need them
• All drum loops performed live by Smart Loops founder and Pearl Drums artist Frank Basile
• Loops optimized for time-stretching between a 75-150 bpm tempo range
• 270 Individual hits and one-shots, including all drums and cymbals at multiple velocities.
• 23 audio tips (MP3) on how to make the most of using the Pro Drum Works loops, and how to create tracks like a drummer

Pricing and Availability

Pro Drum Works Volume One and Volume Two are available worldwide, and each has a suggested list price of $199. For more information, and to download over 100 of free loops, visit

About Smart Loops

Smart Loops is a leading provider of pro audio loops and web-based recording services. All Smart Loops audio files are performed and recorded by professional studio musicians and producers. The Smart Loops libraries allow users to create professional music tracks with the realistic feel and dynamics of a natural performance. Smart Loops products are licensed worldwide, and the company’s audio and MIDI content is an integral part of the best selling music software products on the market. The company’s meticulously produced drum, percussion, guitar, and bass loops are endorsed by Grammy-winning musicians and producers worldwide.

In 2003, Smart Loops launched Live Studio Drums, a web-based multitrack drum recording service. Musicians and producers can have a live session drummer record tracks for their songs, without ever leaving their computer. Live Studio Drums is the fastest, most affordable way to get live multitrack drums recorded for any song or music project.

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