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SL Reference Kit - Drum Sample Set

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SL Reference Kit Download

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Formats: SFZ, WAV, SoundFont 2.4

Media: Download

SFZ Multisample Mappings: 16 including Complete Kit, Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Toms, and more.

SoundFonts: SoundFont version includes 1 complete 350 MB 24-bit SoundFont plus a 114 MB 16-bit "LITE" SoundFont

Unique Samples: 410

Drums: Reference Kit including Kicks, Snares, and Toms.

Cymbals: Hi-Hat, Crash Cymbals, Ride Cymbals, Splash Cymbal, China Cymbal.

Total Size: SFZ/WAV 266 MB Download (350 MB uncompressed) SoundFont 179 MB Download (464 MB uncompressed)

Styles: All music styles

Compatible Samplers: Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Session Drummer 2, Rapture, EXS24, FL Studio, GigaSampler, GigaStudio, HALion, KONTAKT, Reason NN-XT, SFZ Player, VSampler and any other sampler that can load or import .WAV files.

These demo MP3 files were created by combining loops from Smart Loops MIDI Drum Loops and the SL Reference Kit Sample Set.

SL Reference Kit 6/8 Patterns Demo
SL Reference Kit Demo with Music

About SL Reference Kit Sample Set

With more than 350 MB of 24-bit drum samples the SL Reference Kit Sample Set is the largest acoustic drum SL Sample Set. All samples were performed live on a Pearl Reference kit, and recorded at the world-renowned Platinum Lab in Nashville.

All SL Reference Kit samples were recorded completely dry, with no processing, EQ, or compression, providing the ultimate “reference” drum samples. Customize and tweak SL Reference Kit samples with your own effects processing, to create unique drum track sounds for any style of music.

Like all SL Sample Sets, SL Reference Kit is compatible with all major Mac and PC software samplers.