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Loop Tips, Lessons & Tutorials

Loops & Samples Tips and Tutorials

Tips and tutorials to help get you started and get the most out of your loops. Topics include Getting Started with MultiTracks in SONAR, Mixing & Adding FX to Drum Loops, and more.

SL Multi Tracks

New SL MultiTrack Drum Loops

November 10, 2013

Download the New SL MultiTrack Medium 16th-Note Shuffle 3A multi track drum loop library in ACID WAV and Apple Loops formats.

Audio Loops

MIDI Loops

SL Sample Sets

Performed and recorded by professional studio musicians and producers, all Smart Loops audio loop libraries allow you to easily create professional music tracks.

Available in various formats for use in all popular Apple and Windows audio production software.

ACID Loops

Bass Guitars, Drums, Electric Guitars and more for use in ACID, Cakewalk SONAR, Cubase, Pro Tools, and any other software that support Acidized WAV files. Learn more about ACID Loops.

Apple Loops

Bass Guitars, Drums, Electric Guitars and more for use in GarageBand, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, and other software that supports Apple Loops.

REX2 Loops

Drums, Percussion and more for use in Reason, and any other audio sequencer or software sampler that supports REX2 files. Learn more about REX2 loops and samples.

MIDI Drum Loops performed live by professional session drummer and Smart Loops founder Frank Basile.

MIDI Drum Loops Vol. 7 - NEW -

130 MIDI drum beats, patterns, and fills for aggressive rock styles.

MIDI Drum Loops Vol. 6

200 drum loops various dynamic drum beats, patterns and fills with subtle variations that can be used in many different styles.

MIDI Drum Loops Vol. 5

Double-kick mania various Double-Kick MIDI drum beats, patterns and fills.

MIDI Drum Loops Vol. 4

Various shuffle MIDI drum beats, patterns and fills. Inspired by blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, and half-time shuffles inspired by rock drumming legends, all loops performed live with no quantizing, keeping the original feel of the performance.


More MIDI Drum Loops...

Downloadable sound files designed for PC and Mac based software samplers. Available in SoundFont, SFZ, and WAV multi-sample formats.

SL Aggressive Kit - NEW -

24-bit samples for aggressive rock styles.

SL Reference Kit

24-bit samples all recorded completely dry, with no processing, EQ, or compression, providing the ultimate “reference” drum samples.

SL Hip-Hop Kit

Ideal drum construction kit for Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, and other modern music styles. Samples range from dry and unprocessed to extreme FX.

SL Tight Kit

Featuring 24-bit samples and two kits. One dry and tight, and one with a BIG “Bonham” room sound. Both are fully EQed, compressed and ready to go.


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